Choosing a wedding venue

Narrowing down the type of wedding venue you want for the big day is probably one of the first steps you’ll take in your wedding planning journey. And let’s be honest there’s quite a few different options to choose from. Whether you are thinking of something grand with lot’s of history or a cute village hall round the corner the first step is to decide on the type of venue that will fit with the overall feel you want at your wedding day. Wedding venues are constantly evolving and things have really changed over the last 10 – 20 years. Back in the day it would be pretty common to get married at the local church and then head to a local function hall but there’s so many options when choosing the location these days. Some choices might come down to budget constraints but I’d say the biggest thing to consider is the feel and type of wedding you want.

Barn Weddings

Years ago, I’m sure if you mentioned that you were thinking of holding your wedding celebrations in a barn people would think you had lost your mind. Fast forward to today though and the humble Rustic Barn has quickly become a very popular choice for weddings and personally I’m a big fan! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph at some absolutely beautiful converted barns over the past few years.

Wyresdale Park wedding barn  
Venue shown: Wyresdale Park

Marquee Wedding

Marquee weddings can give you the freedom to hold your wedding reception in many locations and can also increase the opportunities at smaller venues. If you found a beautiful venue that couldn’t hold the wedding reception due to it’s size, a marquee could open up the option to have the guest numbers you want. 

outside shot of the marquee at dorfold hallVenue Shown: Marquee at Dorfold Hall

Manor House

A beautiful Manor House with plenty of history and charm is a gorgeous place to hold your wedding and possibly gives more of a traditional feel to your wedding. With unique architecture, gardens to explore and on-site accommodation so you can make the most of your evening party without having to worry about travel arrangements it could be the perfect choice for you.

front of sparth house hotel
Venue Shown: Sparh House


The humble hotel venue does come in quote a few different forms and does vary in size and capacity. Hotels with plenty of accommodation can have a huge advantage of you being able to have all your guests staying 

crow wood hotel gardensVenue Shown: Crow Wood Hotel


Things to think about

outside wedding set up

The venue capacity 

Deciding on whether you need a big venue that can host a large wedding for hundreds of quests or a smaller more intimate setting for just close family and friends is a decision you need to make as it could make a big impact on the type of venue you should be looking at.


Think about where your guests will be travelling from. If you are looking at a venue close by it’s worth considering transport links and accommodation too. 

Your wedding theme

Your wedding theme can play a big part in choosing a venue so if you haven’t thought about a theme for your wedding yet it could be time to start thinking. A stunning country manor is a different feel to a rustic converted barn. 

Make a list of your top priorities for your venue

This could be your maximum budget, food options, the option for evening entertainment or the location. There’s lots of things to think about but it’s up to you to decide what’s most important as each venue only has it’s own advantages.