Considering a midweek wedding



Weekday weddings have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Whilst the typical prime summer Fridays/Saturdays are still the most popular dates that go quickly, I’ve seen a big increase in couples choosing to have a wedding on a less traditional day such as Wednesdays/Thursdays. It’s certainly something that’s worth thinking about when you start to plan your big day. Things have changed over the past years and you might find that many friends/family don’t have a typical Monday-Friday job. Meaning even if you choose a weekend date, many guests will still need to arrange time off work.

You may have a few concerns and worries when it comes to the prospect of a mid-week wedding:
•    What if my guests can’t get time off work?
•    Will people think we can’t afford a weekend wedding?
•    What will my family think?

My experience with couples is that they are now discovering the big  advantages that a mid-week wedding has to offer compared the the extra costs that come with the more popular weekend date. keep reading below for more tips..


What are the benefits of a weekday wedding?

The biggest advantage of a weekday wedding is usually the cost, and let’s be honest the wedding budget is a pretty important part of organising your wedding. Your venue is often one of the most expensive parts of your wedding cost and there’s potentially some big savings to be had by opting for a less popular weekday date. You might find whilst wedding planning you come across your perfect dream wedding venue only to find that your budget just doesn’t stretch to afford it. Opting for a weekday could be the answer. Let’s not forget about other suppliers for the wedding. Many other suppliers offer a discount for a weekday so it really is something to think about.

Putting cost aside for a minute, popular wedding suppliers also get booked up way in advance. Weekdays being less popular mean you might be able to find those absolutely perfect wedding suppliers that you love with a weekday available much easier than if you are trying to plan for a Saturday. Don’t forget that weekday bank holidays probably won’t get a discount.



Will my guests come to a weekday wedding?

It might be worth checking with any friends or family that have jobs in the NHS or Schools as it can be tricky them to book time off during term time. Generally though you’ll find that friends and family will be more than happy to book the day off work for your big day. If you do have potential guests that work in a school then it’s worth looking into weekdays in the school holidays.



Ultimately you’ll need to decide what is best for you but there’s no denying that there can be some big savings by opting for a wedding through the week. You might even be able to choose a special date such as the day you got engaged.

If budget is the main reason for looking into midweek weddings it is worth chatting to suppliers you are interest in. Not everyone offers a discount for weddings through the week so it’s important not to make assumptions. I do offer discounts for midweek wedding photography (Monday – Thursday) so please do get in touch if you are planning your day for through the week.


Top benefits of a mid-week wedding


Here’s a roundup of the top reasons to consider a mid-week wedding. Certainly some points to have a think about potential dates!

1) Choosing a special date that’s important to you both

When choosing from a list of Saturdays you are restricted to just 52 days of choice. By opening up to the idea of a mid-week wedding you can choose a special date that means something special to the both of you. It could be the day you met, your engagement or perhaps you have a family tradition of marrying on a certain date. 

2) Potentially save money on your wedding venue and more

Venue cost especially will likely be one of the largest expenses for your big day and many venues do offer discounts or more affordable packages for mid-week weddings. 

3) More availability for your perfect venue

Popular wedding venues get booked up many years in advance and you might struggle to get a date at a dream wedding venue. With Mid-week being less popular you might find the your dream venue has some dates available for you.

4) Have more at your wedding

Saving on venue and suppliers for your wedding means you might have some extra cash left over for more entertainment, an open bar, fireworks or more. 

5) Guests might get an extra day off work

Ok so they’ll have to book the day off work if they work through the week. But you might find they Are actually more than happy to take that day off or even a couple of days. 

6) Save your guests money on accommodation and travel

It’s not just wedding venues and suppliers that can cost less through the week. Hotels and taxis/trains etc also generally have cheaper rates through the week. 


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