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Tips from one of the experts! I asked one of my wedding industry friends for some helpful advice for brides...

So you’re engaged and starting out on the journey of planning the wedding of your dreams! Where do you start with looking for the perfect wedding dress? I asked one of my wedding industry friends Lee from the Bridal Lounge in Accrington for some top tips!

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What are your top tips for brides?

1) Always book your appointments at bridal shops. If you are wanting to visit at weekends then always book in advance as appointments often do fill up quickly for weekends. You could be lucky and manage to call in a shop during a quiet period but you don’t want to travel only to be disappointed.

2) Do not bring a big group of people with you because too many opinions can confuse you and feel intimidating. Always take a person with you who knows you the best and who you trust to to give you an honest opinion. It could be time to call on the BFF’s or trusted future bridesmaids!

3) It’s best not to bring young children along to  Bridal Boutiques are they aren’t really child friendly. Children get bored and interrupt you and therefore you cannot concentrate. The last thing you want whilst trying to choose something perfect for you is the kids nagging away because they have nothing to do.

4) Keep an open mind & try on Gowns that are sometimes very different to what you have in mind. Obviously the choice is yours but you could surprise yourself and fall in love with something that is a completely style to what you had in mind. Honestly it happens all the time!

5) If you are wanting to stick to a budget tell your Bridal Consultant so they can guide you and help you to find something around that price. Theres no point trying something on that you fall in love with if it turns out to be way over what you are able to afford.


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How long before the wedding should brides be aiming to buy?

A bridal gown can take 6 – 12 months to order so I’d always advise to begin your search at least a year in advance. If you leave it too late your options could be more limited and If you order with less than 6 months to go sometimes you can be charged a ” late order fee” for it to be ready in time.

I have no idea what kind of wedding dress I want. Can you help me?

Sure! Just be willing to try on things with an open mind so we can find something perfect for you. I’d ask plenty of questions about you and the wedding that will help guide me in helping you choose.

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Is it possible to make alterations to dresses to get the perfect look?

Your Bridal Gown is altered to you so its a perfect fit on your Wedding Day. Many brides-to-be loose weight before the big day and alterations can be done. The alterations start about 6 weeks before the Wedding Date.

Do you stock different styles to suit a range of tastes or do you have a specific style and look with all your dresses?

I have a wide selection of Bridal Gowns to suit all shapes & sizes. We also have Gowns in different colours too so you can choose something perfect for you. Our sizes start at a UK2 and go up to a UK36.


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What typically happens when a bride turns up for an appointment? What is the bridal lounge experience?

The Bridal Lounge offers a Private exclusive appointment for you & your loved ones to enjoy, this is why it’s important to book your appointment in advance. I will ask you to complete our unique personal Style planner whilst having tea/coffee or bucks fizz. You can browse through the gowns and select some to try on and I will help & guide you through the endless choices of fabric, silhouettes & embellishments. The Lounge is relaxed and calm for you to enjoy

What about those cheap dresses you can get online from China?

Many of the online shops selling dresses very cheap from abroad use marketing images from some of the big name designers BUT what you are really getting is a cheaply made copy of a dress that often looks nothing like it should. You’ll have heard people say “buy cheap and buy twice” but this really is one of those things to avoid. Would you really want to rely on a cheap copy of a wedding dress to turn out ok for such a big day?

This wedding tips blog was written by my friend Lee at the award winning Bridal Lounge of Accrington. The Bridal Lounge of Accrington, Blackburn Road, Accrington, BB5 1HF. / T. 01254 399811 / E.

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