How to choose your wedding flowers

Tips on choosing your perfect wedding flowers from an award winning florist


Where do you start when it comes to flowers for your wedding?

So when it comes to planning the flowers for your wedding where do you start? I got in touch with one of my wedding industry friends Kelly from Kelly Louise Floral Artistry to get some tips for brides when it comes to all things floral. Having worked with Kelly a few times now I thought she’d be the perfect person to ask!

The first things you need to decide are: 

– Do you want flowers for your ceremony decoration and table centrepieces etc or are you just wanting bouquets and buttonholes?

– What sort of budget do you have? It’s a good idea to have a rough guide to try and work to even if you end up changing it slightly it will set you off in the right direction of what you can get with a budget you have in mind.


bridesmaids holding bouquets at Eaves Hall wedding

When should brides start thinking about flowers?

At least 8-12 months prior to your wedding ,even earlier if it’s peak season dates (may-September ) you need to start vetting them alongside some of your other professionals early in the process and lock One as soon as you can .

Are there any good websites for inspiration?

A lot of my brides use Pinterest and gather pictures for inspiration from Instagram. If you haven’t had a look on Pinterest yet then have a look here to get you started:

floral wedding table decor with white linen

Does the time of year affect what flowers you can have?

Massively yes, summer months flowers are in abundance! Popular flowers like roses, hydrangea and peonies are still very much a favourite among brides. Although some varieties of flowers are still available out of season, I personally don’t believe in using them, your flowers are a reflection of you and the season in which you are getting married. So it’s always important to ask your florist about seasonal flowers and availability.

What would be your number one tip for brides?

Select your florist wisely, make sure they understand you and the look you are wanting to create. You should feel at ease with your florist and trust them 100%.

One of the best ways to find your florist is word of mouth and recommendations, ask to view a portfolio of their work. This sounds strange but there are different types of wedding pros who deal with flowers. Do you want someone who’ll not only make your arrangements but also help design the look of your reception tables and ceremony aisle? If so.. A floral designer is probably more your speed.

Already have a wedding planner or a eye for design? Then a regular florist will likely suit you better.

Figure out which is best this will help narrow your search and determine your budget. (Floral designers generally cost a bit more than florists as there is much more work involved)

room setup at haigh hall hotel in wigan

What are the current trends?

Pantone green has been huge in 2017 florals incorporating more texture and foliage has also been popular amongst brides.  Less structured flowers and the huge shower bouquets have been making a comeback!

Can you give an idea of how much things cost?

Pricing is completely bespoke to each wedding, it all depends on what is required. The time of year and the look you want can affect the price. We offer flowers and design service so it depends on budget and what you require us to do but we offer a range of options to suit all budgets.

Just remember that quality comes at a cost and beautiful fresh flowers don’t always come cheap.


Would you suggest couples meet with wedding florists to go over things or is ok just to discuss ideas via email?

Your first point of contact can be via phone or email, give your florist a good idea on flowers/designs that you are after. Ask your florist to provide you with a rough idea of pricing and delivery charges etc . If you are happy with the prices then arrange a consultation where you can go through things in more depth and they should provide you with a more tailored quote.

Do certain style of wedding dresses affect the types of wedding flowers I should be looking at?

I personally believe you should select your bouquet/florals with designs and flowers that you love. At the end of the day if you want big beautiful flowers and you have a huge dress also, why the hell not!! It’s your wedding and if you love it so be it!

A little bit of info about you and Kelly Louise Floral Artistry…

We are a bespoke event florist who are very passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best service and quality so we only like to take on so many weddings each year to make sure we can do just that. I would say we are very personal with our clients which make us a unique business in our field and I like to keep it that way. I don’t have masses of office staff and you will always deal with myself throughout, it’s all about you and your wedding. We are always on hand to help and answer questions we love building relationships with our clients that often turn into friendships.

team photograph of kelly louise floral artistry staff at haigh hall hotel


If you have any questions or comments then please do leave your thoughts below!