Matthew Grainger - Wedding Photographer

Hi! I’m Matt.

I go to weddings all over the UK and even abroad to shoot people. Usually from a distance quite discreetly without being noticed and people pay me to do it! I know, I know.. I have the absolute best job in the world I’m so lucky!! I never thought in a million years that I’d end up being paid to shoot people at weddings and getting such lovely reviews from people afterwards. I mean who’d have thought that someone would be so happy about being shot?!


You might be wondering.. How do I do it?


Generally I’m quite sneaky about it. I try my best to blend in with the wedding guests going un noticed just waiting for the right moment. Typically at a wedding I’d turn up at the venue where the bride is getting ready and shoot her first but it depends what’s going on really. I could quite easily shoot one of the bridesmaids first.


This is me (Taken by my wonderful friend Amy!)

A portrait of Matthew Grainger


Honestly, I absolutely LOVE weddings. I get excited during the week when I know I have a wedding or two coming up at the weekend. For me weddings are full of joy, laughter, emotion and just pure love & happiness. That’s exactly what I capture on the day. I find that by blending into the background un-noticed for the most part I’m able to capture the natural moments of a wedding day without anything being staged.


black and white photograph of the bride giving her grandad a big hug after the wedding ceremony


Personally I’m not a huge fan of being photographed and the idea of “posing” for the camera just fills me with dread and I know lot’s of people feel the same way. I’d be lying if I said there was absolutely no posing what so ever on the wedding day, because sometimes couples might need just a little bit of direction to get the perfect shot but it’s nothing cheesy or awkward. Occasionally I’ve been known to crack out the book of really bad jokes if I have to but I have plenty of tricks to make you feel at ease and not at all like you are in front of the camera.


bride and groom portrait by the canal opposite the Castlefield Rooms in Manchester


I love to photograph couples being themselves, the less I interfere I find the more unique and individual moments become and I love nothing more than letting a newly married couple have 5 minutes alone after what might have been a pretty crazy morning.


natural photograph of bride and groom walking in the church grounds after the ceremony

More about me..?


Ok so apart from being a wedding photographer, what else do I get up to? I’ll admit to being a bit of a Netflix addict. I love American TV shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter and most recently Stranger Things. I do however occasionally venture outdoors and really enjoy exploring some of the beautiful places right here in the UK. I’m a regular visiter to the Lake District and have a National Trust membership so do try and plan lots of days out when we do eventually have some of the British summer.


Thats about all I can think of at the minute so I’ll stop going on about myself and leave it here. If you have any questions feel free to pop me a message using my contact form or if you want to keep an eye on what I get up to then check out my Facebook Page and Instagram!